Content usage rights with Ondema

All of Ondema users must respect intellectual property rights and are subject to copyright laws. You must own all rights (including copyright) in the content you sell and/or have the written permission of ALL persons who own (a) the rights to upload the image or text and (b) the rights to authorize the uses permitted in the User Agreement. If someone other than you is the owner of the image or appears in it or has created the text, you must obtain such permission from those persons. If you upload any image or text that violates our User Agreement, your account may be terminated.

By adding the Ondema code to content at your site, you certify that (a) you have read and agree to the Terms of Use; (b) the image does not violate the Terms of Use (c) you own or have obtained all Rights necessary to upload this image and/or text and authorize the uses permitted in the Terms of Use.

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